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Our Services

Together We Can Accomplish More!

Professional Consultation Services

Whether you are interested in growing your practice or starting up your own private practice, we can assist you.  Or are you looking for peer consultation, supervision. Membership includes assistance in creating and developing your practice forms/documents/ business plan and linkages with insurance panels. You will get (three) 1:1 consultation sessions. We will assist you to explore your business plan and how to get to your vision.  

Are you struggling to keep your employees satisfied, or has there been a recent incident (loss of an employee, an irate employee, or a high turnaround of employees?


If so, give us a call and allow us to assist you through a workshop/in service where we can come to you and offer our consultation services.

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Individual Therapy

We specialize in the following:


Anxiety / Depression / Grief / Men's Issues / Anger Management ​/ Change in Career / ADD / ADHD / Trauma / Adjustment to changes in your family / New Baby ​/ Post-Partum Depression / DV / Victim of Crime

In our therapy sessions, we’ll work to solve current problems and improve positive thinking and behavior. We will help you “re-frame” your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles. I’m confident you’ll find our personalized Individual Therapy beneficial and inspirational. Get in touch to book an appointment.

Couples Therapy

We specialize in the following:

Pre-Marital / Marital Counseling / Affairs / Conflict Resolution / Infidelity / Trust Issues / Divorce / Separation

If you’re looking for quality Couples Therapy sessions with a certified Marriage and Family Therapist that cares, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer pre-marital therapy as well as marriage counseling. Conflict in couples can leave a sour taste in your mouth. Constant conflict, can create emotional distance. Don't let this get in the way of your relationship. "Lets fight the good fight!" Schedule an appointment today and see what we can do for your relationship.

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Family Therapy

We specialize in the following:

Blended Families / Adoption / Reunification / Struggling with a Pre-Teen / Teen / Separation / Divorce / Older Parents

Are you having a difficult time communicating with your children? Are you planning on adoption or fostering? Have you recently divorced or separated? Will you become a blended family? These changes can impact every family member different. Children have a difficult time in expressing feelings and emotions. Children at times cannot understand why things happen and often times blame themselves.

Immigration Evaluations

An immigration evaluation is a psychological assessment. Assessment can be done face-to-face or via webcam. I am licensed in the state of California. Therefore, services can only be provided in such state. You will share with me details about your life story and experiences. Evaluations are usually completed within two-three weeks. However, urgent requests can be accommodated.

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