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Downey Team


Lourdes P. Estrada

Founder/CEO, Executive Director

LMFT, (PsyD In Progress) #93409

I am a bilingual (Spanish/English) speaking therapist. I am an alumni from California State University Dominguez Hills and Azusa Pacific University. I have a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapist. I am currently completing my Doctoral Degree from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

I am a wife and a mother to three boys. I identify myself as a Christian therapist. I believe in the integration of spirituality and mental health. I have been a sole proprietor since August 2016. I have worked in community mental health since 2005.


I am trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Managing  & Adapting Practices (MAP), Trauma, Motivational Interviewing, CORS, FOCUS, Assessment and Diagnosis of children 0-5 (ICARE), Couples Therapy using Gottman Method and Relationship Enhancement skills. I am also trained in using Sand Tray Therapy. 

My approach is integrative. I pull interventions from various models to find your own, unique treatment plan to suit your needs. Therapy is not a "one size fits all" it is very unique to your needs. If  I have to choose I would say I tend to incline to "Client-Centered Therapy".  I believe in working as a team. You are the EXPERT of  YOUR life. 

My goal is to assist you to achieve your highest potential. In life, we have seasons. Some seasons are easier than others. I strive to provide a unique treatment for you. To work in partnership with you and achieve your highest potential.


I am also a certified Relationship Enhancement Therapist. 

Jonathan Martinez


AMFT #123609

Supervised by: Ninivet De La Torre, LMFT #52535

Jonathan is a Bilingual (Spanish/English) therapist. Jonathan, completed his Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy from Alliant University. Jonathan, has worked with at-risk clients and implemented evidence based practices to reduce symptoms. Jonathan has experience working with children and adolescents, parents, blended families, latinx, BIPOC and foster parents. Jonathan works from the CBT, solution Focus, family systems approach. Jonathan has experience working in a team setting approach with parents who are struggling in building and strengthening their relationship with their child/teen. Jonathan has experienced working with individuals who are required by court to attend treatment. Some of the symptoms that Jonathan treats are ADHD, parenting, oppositional defiance, codependency, parent-child conflict.  Jonathan is warm and empathetic. Jonathan is your Coach and will guide you to a better you. Give us a call if you would like to book an appointment with Jonathan.


Martha Martinez


LMFT #135817 & Doctorate Student

Martha is a bilingual (Spanish/English) therapist, BIPOC, Latinx. Martha completed her Masters degree at Alliant International University, and is currently completing her Doctorate in Couples and Family therapy from Alliant International University. Martha has worked with at-risk clients and implemented evidence based practices to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression. Martha, has experience working with couples and families. Martha’s style is eclectic and uses various modalities to develop a treatment plan that is best suitable for you as her client. Martha, understands the struggle with being first generation and understands the dynamics of the LATINX background. Are you ready for that change? Are you ready to reconcile with your partner and make things work? Then, give us a call and schedule your first appointment. 

Veverly Holiwell

Mental Health Coach

ACSW #115231

Supervised by: Wendy Nuño, LMFT #117134

Veverly comes with a vast amount of experience and knowledge helping individuals, adolescents and families who are struggling with depression, anxiety and phases of life changes. Veverly works from Cognitive Behavior Therapy and will work with you to develop your treatment goals and walk alongside with you as you embark on this new journey. Veverly has over 15 years of experience with direct client advocacy. Veverly, is a graduate from California State University , Long Beach where she obtained her Master's degree in Social Work.  Veverly has worked in the past in community mental health, specifically with children who were in foster care. Veverly has served in the community for over 10 years and now she brings her experience to a private practice setting. Veverly, understands the dynamics on how the environment impacts the individual and their wellbeing. 
Veverly offers a free 15 min phone consultation.  If you would like to work with Veverly, give us a call. 


Elizabeth De La Torre


ACSW #93773

Supervised by: Wendy Nuño, LMFT #117134

Elizabeth De La Torre is a bilingual Associate Clinical Social Worker in the state of California, working in the field of public service for almost 4 years in various capacities as a Mental Health Clinician. Elizabeth received her undergraduate education from the California State University of Los Angeles and my master’s degree from Our Lady of the Lake University in Texas. Elizabeth has extensive experience counseling in outpatient and in-patient treatment facilities, school settings, in-home therapy, and private practice. Elizabeth’s work has focused on children and adolescents, children in foster care, family systems, domestic violence/trauma, ethnic minority mental health, and LGBTQ clients. The treatment modalities she has experience with include individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy. The type of issues addressed includes anxiety, depression, trauma/PTSD, grief, self-esteem, women's issues, domestic violence, identity formation, and personal growth. Elizabeth’s approach to therapy includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Trauma-Informed CBT, but also keeps everyone’s needs in mind and uses an eclectic approach. Elizabeth enjoys helping others and connecting with nature in her spare time.

Beatriz Grimaldo


AMFT #109402

Supervised by: Wendy Nuño, LMFT #117134

Beatriz Grimaldo, is an Associate in Marriage and Family therapy. She is supervised by Wendy Nuno. Beatriz is currently in the process of completing her Doctoral degree from Alliant University. Beatriz is Bilingual (Spanish).  Beatriz has a passion for working with teens and young adults. Beatriz has experience working with adolescents who may be struggling with self-esteem, adjusting to changes in their family system, and adjusting to a new stage of life such as going from middle school to high school. Beatriz utilizes an eclectic style as well as a Humanistic approach. Beatriz is accepting clients in person and virtually all across California. 


Michelle Terrazas

LMFT #132144

Michelle obtained her Master degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Phoenix. Michelle, has a vast of experience working with clients who are struggling with anger, poor decision-making, life transitions, parenting, and anxiety. Michelle enjoys working with adults in an 1:1. Michelle, has experience working with individuals who may have a court case involvement, who are struggling with balancing work and personal life. Michelle works from a client-centered approach and CBT, TFCBT. Michelle is also a parent and knows the struggle it is to balance work and mom life. Additionally, Michelle is a Veteran. Michelle served in the Navy. Michelle understands the dynamics of the military culture. If you are a relative of a veteran or a veteran yourself and would like to work with Michelle she is accepting patients. 

Maribel de Avila

Clinical Supervisor

LCSW #94273

I am a Latina, bilingual (Spanish/ English) therapist. I have 10 years of experience working with children, families, and individuals that suffer of anxiety, depression, and trauma. In the last 2 years I have been working with children, parents/caregivers and young adults that have a medical diagnosis and mental health disorders. I obtained my bachelor and master’s degree in social work from California State University of Los Angeles. I am certify in modalities of treatment as Parent Child Interaction Therapy ( PCIT), Functional Family Therapy (FFT), Managing and Adapting Practices (MAP) and Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (ICBT).


Carol Rodriguez


AMFT #123281

Supervised by: Wendy Nuño, LMFT #117134

Carol is a graduate of Antioch University Los Angeles with a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, with a specialization in Spiritual and Depth Psychology. Carol also earned at Antioch University Los Angeles a Bachelor degree with emphasis in Addiction Studies. She is bilingual (Spanish) and has worked in diverse settings with all ages. She has a certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Additionally, her clinical approach consists of an eclectic mix of the following: mindfulness-based practices , EMDR, trauma-focused therapy with somatic approach, object relations, attachment theory, CBT, person-centered and Gestalt. Carol has worked with couples, adolescents and adults, as well as she has facilitated groups addressing domestic violence for the Batterer Intervention Program and Woman Empowerment for victims of domestic violence and/or sexual abuse. Carol has also provided court-approved parenting classes.

Carol, has assisted clients to overcome difficulties with dual diagnosis, anger, depression, trauma, anxiety, OCD traits, clinical narcissistic traits, and family reunification.

Daniela Michel


LMFT #134864

Daniela Michel graduated from Alliant International University in 2018, with a Master's degree in Couple and Family Therapy. Daniela is one of our Bilingual (Spanish/English) therapists. Daniela joins our NHFCC family with a vast of experience and knowledge working with children ages 3 years old and up. Daniela understands the importance of collaboration and communication with the child's parents in order to have a clear understanding of the therapy needs. Daniela is passionate about her work. Daniela utilizes trauma-informed care and play therapy as her approach to working with children. Daniela has been trained in Evidence Base practice models in her career and she utilizes some of these interventions in her current practice. Daniela, has experience working with parents who are struggling with their children to comply with directives, with those who are having difficulties in managing their temper and as a result, engage in tantrums. Daniela also integrates theories of attachment when working with children and their families.


Daniela believes that it is important to establish communication between the therapist and the parent. She believes that it is important to keep those lines of communication open. Daniela understands that it takes a village to raise children and she works in collaboration with those members of the family who are essential.


If you have a child who is struggling with anger outbursts, or difficulty following through at school, or maybe you are having your second child and want to help your child with the transition of a new sibling, give us a call.


Estefania Martinez Alburez

AMFT #138001

Supervised by: Wendy Nuño, LMFT #117134

Estefania Martinez Alburez is a graduate of Pepperdine University. In 2022, she completed her Masters's degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in MFT. Estefania is working under the supervision of Wendy Nuno. 

Her experience includes working with individuals and groups in the following areas/populations: School settings, underserved communities, children and adolescents, parents, academic issues, bullying, anxiety, depression, and trauma. She uses a mix of modalities: CBT, mindfulness, play therapy, art, and solution-focused therapy. However, her approach is eclectic and collaborates with clients to utilize a modality that best suits their individual needs. 

Estefania is also a mother and she understands the importance of work-life balance. Estefania joins our group practice with experience and clinical knowledge that we know will edify and assist clients to process life stressors. 

If you would like to work with Estefania, give us a call and set up an appointment.

Wendy Nuño

Clinical Supervisor

LMFT #117134

I am a bilingual (Spanish/English) speaking therapist. I am an alumni from Mount St. Mary's University. I have a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapist. I have experience in community mental health with high risk populations and in Educational Related Mental Health in the school setting. I am trained in EMDR, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Trauma. I have worked in the past in a community based setting as a school base therapist and a MAT assessor. I have experience working with young adults, adults and couples. 

My approach is eclectic, I like to meet with you and discuss your needs and together we can work on an appropriate treatment plan. 


Please note that at the moment I am only offering Virtual Sessions . 


Lidia Valadez

LMFT #134576

Lidia obtained her Master's degree from Mount St. Mary’s University. Lidia has worked in community mental health. Lidia has had experience working with youth who are struggling in finding their own identity and with adults struggling with Anxiety and Depression. Lidia’s approach is eclectic and oriented to meeting the client's needs at their own pace. Lidia joins our NHFCC family with a vast of experience. If you would like to set up an appointment with Lidia call the office and schedule your free 15 min call. 

Marina Agustin

Office Manager

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