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New Hope Family Counseling Center

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Are you struggling with issues related to trauma, grief, addiction, anxiety, relationship issues, pre-marital or major life changes? Are you seeking an immigration evaluation?

There comes a time when help is needed from a certified professional to cope with many of life’s challenges. Allow us to assist you to navigate life's challenges. We are a group practice located in the City of Downey, CA. Our goal is to develop a purposeful relationship with you & reach your highest potential.

Services At New Hope Family Counseling Center

Couples Therapy

Professional Consultation services

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Individual Therapy

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Family Therapy

Immigration Evaluations

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Hi, Welcome!

Thank you for visiting our site. So you may be wondering if we are the right fit for you or If you even need therapy. You have taken the first step. What we do at first is an intake/assessment.


This gives you the opportunity to meet your clinician and it will help your clinician learn about your needs and goals.


As a group practice, we pride ourselves in our own diversity and our work ethic. We understand your struggles as we may have also experienced them ourselves. We are here to assist you.


Our style is working in collaboration with you to create the best treatment plan. WE believe that you are the expert in your life and we are here to assist you.  Our clinicians also incorporate faith based approached. We understand that for many there is a relationship between a higher power.


Our network of friendly, effective and credible clinicians will ensure a one of a kind treatment for you. Each clinician has been individually selected by our Director. As a group of professional clinicians we come together to offer services to couples, families, and individuals. Our clinicians have a vast experience and training. Our clinicians have experience working with various challenges and dilemmas.


We believe in tapping into the natural strengths that you possess as an individual, that you are the expert in your life and we will assist in you in navigating your path through a strength base approach. We believe in the relationship between client/therapist. We know that you must feel comfortable with your clinician in order to thrive.

Downey Team

Lourdes P. Estrada



Certified Life Coach,

LMFT #93409

Dulce Montiel


Deanna Leyva


LCSW #74296

Mayra Tobar


AMFT #113661

Ivan Rapalo

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist,

LMFT #112082

Ninivet De La Torre


LMFT #52535

G. Fareeda Rashed

AMFT #122822

Supervised by : Lourdes Estrada, LMFT

Los Angeles Team

Wendy Nuño

LMFT #117134

Clinical Director

Jonathan Martinez

AMFT# 123609

Supervised by: Wendy Nuno, LMFT

Martha Martinez

AMFT# 110556

Supervised by: Wendy Nuno, LMFT


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