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Hi guys! My name is Lourdes P. Estrada. I am a Bilingual (Spanish/ English) speaking therapist. 

I am an alumni from California State University Dominguez Hills and Azusa Pacific University. I have a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapist. 


I am a wife and a mother to two boys. My private practice name is Zoe Counseling Services. I identify myself as a Christian therapist. I believe in the integration of spirituality and mental health. I have been a sole proprietor since August 2016. I have worked in community mental health since 2005. 

My goal is to assist you to achieve your highest potential. In life, we have seasons. Some seasons are easier than others. I strive to provide a unique treatment for you. To work in partnership with you and achieve your highest potential. 

All About Therapy

Learn about my methods!

Hi, Welcome!.

Thank you for  visiting my site. So you may be wondering if I am the right therapist for you or If you even need therapy. What I do at first is an intake/assessment. This gives you the opportunity to meet me and learn about what brings you to therapy. From there we complete forms and questionnaires. You get to interact with me and decide if what I have to offer is what you need. 

I get asked what is my modality? I am trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Trauma, Couples Therapy using Gottman Method and Relationship Enhancement skills. I am also trained in using Sand Tray Therapy. 
My approach is "eclectic" not one thing fits all. So I pull from different modalities. If  I have to choose I would say I tend to incline to "Client-Centered Therapy".  I believe in working as a team. You are the EXPERT of  YOUR life.